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Case Study: World Pulse

International-facing online training design for World Pulse,

a world-wide social network for women

We took the lead for World Pulse in the design of their 2016 Voices of the Future Leadership and Digital Empowerment Training. Together with their staff, we designed an amazing 8-week course that women worldwide say has had a huge impact on their lives.  Our innovative online training teaches digital and entrepreneurial skills using a neat toolbox of online and social learning to connect women, teach competencies, and share the needed tools and networks, enabling participants to launch projects that have a big impact in their communities.  

Sample Module: Creating an Elevator Pitch

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“Julia, Thank you for a wonderful class today. You helped to open my vision to a whole new world. I look forward to engaging better with potential collaborators and supporters – and even funders.  You simplified the whole concept of developing an elevator pitch.  I am so confident, knowing you’ve got my back on this.”

 –VOF participant from Nigeria

WorldPulse- Voices of our FutureThe Task

Take an existing 16-week citizen journalism and digital empowerment training, and turn it into an 8-week course, focused on helping women leaders worldwide develop their projects and create powerful digital campaigns for change in their communties.

The Archetype Solution

We created a vision and leadership toolkit that brought participants through a process of discovery, empowerment, and hands-on skill building, promoting social learning, networks and mentorship.  The course also taught self-care, and security protocols for keeping safe while working for social change in violent or difficult conditions.  The modes of learning included: activities, assignments, social learning, checklists, digital how-tos and more.  Julia also regularly facilitates some of the live online trainings for World Pulse.

Modules included:
  • Telling your Story
  • Sharing your Vision
  • Facing Obstacles
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Building a Resource Map
  • Designing a Digital Campaign
Services Provided:
  • project management
  • learning design, writing and editing
  • live online facilitation
Tools Created:
  • Clear and empowering teaching text with visual graphics/support
  • Useful, hands-on creative activities that apply concepts and teach lasting compentencies 
  • Pop out digital how-tos
  • Social learning and mentorship via social media to support goals
  • A gameful contest to help learners focus
  • Check lists, take-aways
  • Live audio faciliation
ArchetypeLearning creates the WorldPulse ElevatorPitch

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ARCHETYPE LEARNING – Share what you know...

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Share what you know.

Let's Talk: 503-961-4217

© Copyright 2015-2018 Archetype Learning | Portland, Oregon, USA | Privacy Policy