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Archetype Learning was founded in 2015 by an LMS and e-learning developer and a tech-savvy professor.  Both love to learn and love to help you get where you want to go. At Archetype, we are experts in learning and learning technologies, and we leverage that expertise to help empower our clients to build amazing businesses, schools, and training projects based around their expertise.  Our flexible team of self-driven teachers and developers create personalized web sites, learning platforms, and training for everyone.

founding partners

Jeff Nye

Jeff Nye

Director of Web and LMS Development

Jeff is a web developer and LMS expert of many years. He is a patient expert in digital learning and technical solutions. He excels at finding and building the best digital solutions for your website, product, and e-learning.  He has lead web and LMS solutions for companies large and small, including Insitu, GP Strategies, Oregon Health Sciences University, the David Douglas School District and myriad small businesses, schools, and non-profits.  He has also been a middle school technology and social sciences teacher.

Julia Hammond, PhD

Julia Hammond, PhD

Director of Learning Design

Julia is a creator of exceptional learning experiences, and a coach that helps others teach online and off. She loves to help our clients share what they know, and has tons of experience in understanding what students need. Over the years, she has spear-headed teaching and training for non-profits, businesses, and schools. She was a professor of inquiry and communication at the Art Institute in Portland, and has taught at the U. of Oregon, Southern Illinois U, and Portland State, as well as founding a transformative art program for low-income people at St. Anthony Foundation in San Francisco. 

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