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We started Archetype Learning in 2015, when we realized that many organizations, teachers, and trainers had a lot of wisdom to share, and where looking for ways to share it online without losing their authentic knowledge. We developed our intuitive, custom built WordPress websites and customized LearnDash Learning Management Systems to help people create courses and learning websites that engaged learners, were modern and useful, and were really accessible (on the front and back end). Many of our clients want to host their own websites and courses for their employees, students, and clients, and they want to own their courses as a part of their business. We make that possible.

And on the learning side, we also host courses ourselves and partner with schools, universities, and our clients on learning design. All of our classes and partnerships are aimed at helping you to share what you know and teach in a really engaging and innovative way that serves your learners and gets to the root of your goals.  We shoot for the archetype, the archetype of learning, as it has evolved and continues evolving.

Julia Hammond, PhD

Learning Design, Curriculum Development, Training Lead

ArchetYpes: Creator, Professor, Master of Intangibles

Julia is your idea partner, learning designer, and project manager.  She takes ideas and makes things happen.  She inspires people to think and learn.  With over 15 years of experience creating smart curriculum (she’s a former professor), and developing non-profit education programs (a non-profit program founder), she knows how to fit all the complicated pieces together to help people learn and communicate.  She is also a good listener and a skillful writer, who can help you articulate your ideas so they have big impact.

Jeff Nye

LMS/Web/Elearning Development
Technical Lead

Archetypes: Teacher, Builder, Department of Tangibles

With 20 years of experience in web and instructional design, Jeff’s expertise is in building out your learning solutions — whether an enterprise-wide LMS rollout, a complicated, animated game or learning module, a creative plug-in solution, or a straightforward website for your courses.  Our tech mastermind, he also is supportive and kind.  A responsive builder, he develops the e-solutions and takes the tech stress away.

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