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Use this Divi tip to create a quick edit using Divi Visual Builder on your own site.

If you want to collect bits of information while you are on the web, you have lot’s of choices to do so, like Evernote. But If you have a Divi website or are using Divi builder you can easily copy and paste or write down a note by creating a bookmark to the page you want to save your notes to.

I have a wordpress page on my Divi site that is not advertised to the public. I created a menu for just administrators, and this hides it well enough for my purposes. If you need more secrecy for your page you could make it a password protected page using WordPress or other methods. But the best part of this is that I can pmake a bookmark to my page once, put it in my browser’s favorites bar and when I click on it it I go straight to my site with DIvi Visual Editor already on. That is I don’t have to click again to turn on the editor.

Steps for making a quick edit using Divi Visual Builder:

  1.  Create a page with Divi Builder content
  2. Paste that page URL in your browser address bar and go to your page
  3. Add this to to the URL:/?et_fb=1
  4. Bookmark the URL with the added part at the end, put it in your favorites bar in your browser, and you will be able to quickly add to a page of notes on your own DIvi powered site.

Example URL:

-> You do need to be logged in to your wordpress admin to have this work with one click, but you are likely to have that happening if you are working on you site already. If you make a private page on your own site you can quickly grab urls, content, etc. from other sites save them for later on your own site.