It’s hard to for all of us to stay focused on learning, but easier with human connection. About 80% of us learn better in social contexts, which is why online learning can be extra challenging for some to connect to.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can take extra steps to keep your students engaged if you are planning to do a lot online.  This will help both you and your students to be successful.


Some ideas:

  • Drip feed your course day-by-day so students can take it in chunks, and not get overwhelmed.
  • Email them to connect and encourage.
  • Use video conferencing with a chat feature so a group can interact.
  • Do assignments they email to the instructor (or a group leader or a partner) so there is feedback and accountability.
  • Use learning partners or occasional coaching for self-paced classes, so learners have both encouragement and accountability.
  • Use a forum with chats, questions, and discussion–encouraged and moderated by an instructor.
  • For larger training programs or courses, consider a mix of in-person and online learning.  Or for online courses for credit or certification, consider an online video chat for feedback, or live office hours via social media, forum, or video conference.