Building a website, LMS, or course in an LMS takes time and some expertise.  Though it is completely doable, most people will tell you they needed time and resources.  Also, for most, it is not a one and done situation.  There will be a need for beta tests, trial and error, and redos.  You will want to change and add on over time. 

For in-person classes, or hybrid programs, this is the same — you might need staff, meeting time, resources, and redos.  It’s good to plan ahead for these things, so you have the resources you need when you need them.


  • What staff, instructional design, technical or visual help will you need, if any? 
  • What tools, software, technology, or products do you need or need to research? 
  • Make a list and name names if you already have a team in mind.
  • Where can you look for needed resources?


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