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This free class will do two things for you:

It will allow you to try out Archetype’s customized WP/LearnDash platform (adaptable using DiviBuilder).

It will help you create a great learning plan so you can build a worthwhile course or workshop.

Most people come to us with content, but no plan.  Making this plan will save you loads of time and money.  Start here and get clear before you build!


It may seem simple enough to create a class, but our experience working with many, many courses and programs over the years is that content and teaching are NOT THE SAME THING.  Sometimes people imagine that media — movies, slides, or audio–will take the place of quality content, but our experience is that it won’t.  And many people believe that online learning can be a great additional income stream or improve their organization’s training, and this is absolutely true — if the learning works.  

The material and questions in this course are super simple, but will save you loads of time and money in the long run, because they will help you develop a strong plan for your class from the get-go.  They will help you offer a LEARNING EXPERIENCE but rather a content download.  And it will ask you to consider what content is truly valuable to your learner. And for those of you who have already created online courses, you can use this tool to to review your current course and how it is working.



Before getting started, you will need:

  • A place to take notes — online or off
  • Any content, ideas, or courses materials you have already created. Gather your ideas together before you get started.


Ok? let’s go.