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 Who are your real or imagined learners?

And what learner aptitudes might they have? Learning that isn’t suited to your audience might frustrate students and lead to poor outcomes.

Are you working with graphic designers? Then, might it not be obvious that a lot of them will be visual learners who benefit from graphs, pie charts, and infographics? Are they engineers who want clear linear directions?  Are they children who prefer playing and doing?  Do they range across the spectrum?

The type of work you do and the type of class you want to create will help you pin down the types of learning that might be best for your audience. 





  • Pick 3-4 teaching strategies — for example, text, infographics, quizzes, how-to videos, assignments, live webinars with a chat, forums or partner activities–that will work best for your learners.
  • List any lessons or topics you know you want to teach and match learning strategy to lesson content.

Your learning plan is nearly done!